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Just like Grandma used to make...

Before the wide-spread use of chemicals and additives, carcinogens and preservatives, there were Grandma's recipes; made with wholesome and natural ingredients...

And that is the heart and soul of Rosalind Townsend's small business, Sunny Soap. At the tender age of four, Rosalind started learning how to make peppered jellies, canned goods, and soaps, from her grandmother, who used basic, wholesome, ingredients in her recipes. She also learned how to forage for natural ingredients in the wild, grow her own herbs, and make her own coconut milk. Using this knowledge, Rosalind used her grandmother's methods to start her own natural skincare products business, Sunny Soap.

Fast forward to 2011, when a young girl in Rosalind's church is in need of a safe and gentle soap alternative, that is sensitive on her skin, due to her eczema. Known as the resident 'Soaper', Rosalind answered the call by creating a skin-sensitive product with no fragrances and all-natural ingredients, the 'Kinsley' soap. By helping this young girl, and knowing many individuals who had recently received a diagnosis of cancer, she was renewed in her mission: to make wholesome soaps without the carcinogenic and harmful chemicals of commercial soaps. 

And so, it is the great love and care that Rosalind puts into each soap recipe- spending countless hours researching ingredients and testing compatibility- while using her grandmother's timeless methods, that makes Sunny Soap products exceptional and incomparable to anything mass-produced on the market today. 

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