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Fundraising with Sunny Soap!

Tired of those unused tubs of cookie dough sitting in your freezer? Are tubes of multicolored holiday wrap cluttering your closets?  Is that box of 'World's Best Chocolate' still sitting in your pantry?

Sunny Soap is the answer!

- Everybody uses soap! One size fits all, great for men and women/girls and boys

- Sunny Soaps are non-perishable, unlike food items that might need to be refrigerated.

- Sunny soap products are unique, as they are made with All-Natural ingredients, so they are gentle on even the most sensitive skin! No chemicals or artificial ingredients!


Here's how it works:

Your school or organization will receive our wholesale price. You sell each bar of soap for $7.00, and your group will receive $3.00 of each bar sold. Customers can choose from ten of our most popular soaps. (Listed on the sales sheet)

Once your sales campaign ends, you total your order and submit it to us. Payments may be made by cash or check (no debit or credit cards accepted at this time). Please make checks payable to SUNNY SOAP. Once you have placed your order, delivery is made within 2-3 weeks, directly to your school or organization, along with your payment.

If you are looking for a proven way to earn money for your school, group or organization, contact Sunny Soap at:


PO Box 452

Wallace, NC 28466

(910) 465-4759

or fill out our contact sheet and we will get back to you!

Fundraising Inquiry

Thank You! We will contact you shortly!

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